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An all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting COVID-19 response and research efforts. We support resiliency and mental health of our frontline heroes, variant and secondary illness studies, and hope for patients.

Total Donations:


Frontline Care

Staff morale and resiliency initiatives, personal protective equipment (PPE), telemedicine tools, and distributing 800 COVID-19 kits

"Feeding the Frontlines"


Purchase of a COVID-19 samples freezer.

Clinical studies, vaccine, variant, and secondary illness research


Support for general patient care needs including the purchasing of ventilators and personal protective equipment such as masks, the hiring of additional clinical staff, and capacity expansion.

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John Schirrippa


Karan Wadhawan

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Dave Rattiner


Steven Shen



We’re excited and honored to be recipients of the financial support you are encouraging through your fundraising for COVID-19 research. We’re also so appreciative of individuals... who are joining in this effort, too, which has the potential to move the needle in research."

University of Maryland School of Medicine

We consider you our partner in advancing and strengthening the initiatives surrounding our COVID-19 response efforts."

Baltimore Washington Medical Center

It’s invaluable to know that our community 'has our back' - and when you give, you send us that very strong message."

DCH Medical